The right information at the right time

Always Compliant

Always comply with the regulations

In control

In today’s world, you increasingly find yourself having to comply with constantly changing laws and regulations – and with standards that customers set for your business processes. Audits are the order of the day. Becoming and remaining compliant with all these demands has become one of your daily tasks, while you want to focus on your core business. iWorkx integrates compliancy in your day-to-day workflow.

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The right information at the right time

Real-time insights

To make the right strategic decisions, you need up-to-date information. This is impossible to do with stand-alone systems and paper reports. An integrated system that can respond more quickly and accurately to changes and expectations is the key to success.

iWorkx provides real-time insight into the processes.

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Measure, react and control

Integrated approach

Your processes, tasks and responsibilities are becoming increasingly interdependent. All the steps are connected to each other. Flexibility is essential, as is the ability to manage complex processes at all levels: from C level to execution. iWorkx delivers an integrated compliance solution.

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Start-up with 20 years of experience

We are process thinkers

We are known for our knowledge and experience of complex processes and compliance, and how we have translated this into software solutions and services. We see ourselves as a start-up with 20 years of experience. After all, the basis for our solutions was established at Strukton Rail: a world of complex processes and the need to always be compliant.

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ABC method – Analyse, Build, Continue

From photo to film

Teamwork is the key to success. We always start with a joint analysis: the blueprint. We then use this ‘photo’ to make a plan, in which we connect the development and implementation of iWorkx software to your processes and compliance requirements. Then the film starts: becoming and remaining compliant.

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Certifications and accreditations

Compliancy result

iWorkx offers certified solutions for approximately 40 certifications and accreditations, including Safety ladder levels 2, 3 and 4, CO2 performance ladder up to level 5, ISO 9001 (2017) High Level Structure, VCA, OHSAS, Environment, etc.

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